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How We Work

We developed our process over time by identifying the stages in each wealth planning engagement. We have found that having a clear process in place helps our clients to stay engaged and committed to their wealth planning success.  We do not set it and leave it; we are committed to our client's success and are here for them every step of the way.


During this phase, we take the time to get to know our clients and gather and review all necessary data to formulate strategies. We conduct in-depth interviews and document reviews to identify our client's financial goals, needs, and concerns. This phase is crucial in ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of our client's financial situation.

Wealth Strategy

This phase involves working collaboratively with our clients to create plans that address their needs and concerns. We encourage our clients to provide feedback throughout this process, as it is essential to ensure that their unique needs are met. We also identify and prioritize action items to ensure that our clients stay on track to achieve their goals.


The final phase of our process involves the execution of the agreed-upon plans. We act as liaisons with third-party professionals if needed, and we continually monitor the plan's progress. We provide regular analysis and feedback to guide the client toward any changes that may be necessary for the future.