“You're more likely to slip up when you're trying to accomplish your goals by yourself. It may be that you don't have an outer support system in place to help you maintain focus and provide the external encouragement everyone needs.”

Lauren Mackler

Relationship Management

Our clients are typically busy entrepreneurs who have found profound financial success.  Their time is best spent focusing on what makes them most successful – their businesses and their families.  Often, finding time to dedicate to tedious finances or intricate estate plans – while incredibly important -- presents a very real challenge.  In this case, we oversee the implementation of our clients’ wealth plans, taking explicit direction from and communicating regularly with our clients.  

We offer relationship management services to those who desire a trusted professional to manage the implementation and monitoring of their affairs.  Services that we provide include:

Coordination and agenda development for meetings with product and service providers
Interviewing of product and service providers:  Legal, Tax, Investment, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Etc.
Creation of Investment Policy Statements
Monitoring of financial accounts
Banking – Debt structuring
Strategic oversight of insurance plans and premiums
Other professional services, as needed
*RLS Private Wealth Consulting does not sell insurance, investment, or other financial products, and does
not accept compensation or referral fees from any third-party professionals.

“Since working with Rhonda on my estate and wealth planning for the past couple of years, I cannot even measure all the valuable information and guidance she had provided for me and my family. I am convinced that she saved us 100s of thousands of dollars in unnecessary life insurance premiums and I could not have done this on my own. I would recommend Rhonda and her firm to anybody that is in the process of their estate and wealth planning.”

-Jay Gill, President/CEO • Gill Automotive Group
Wealth Planning