RLS Private Wealth Consulting is UNIQUE…

. . . in our planning philosophy

We believe that financial assets represent only a fraction of a family's wealth.  A family’s unique relationships and dynamics, as well as their contributions to social causes and the communities where they live, provide intrinsic wealth that are integral to the planning solutions we consider. Our planning recommendations take into consideration each client’s unique business, wealth, family, and social situation. We address the planning process in a holistic and highly confidential manner, considering both qualitative and quantitative factors in the recommendations and advice we provide.

. . .  in the experience and expertise we share.

With over 20 years of experience working with substantially successful families, business owners, and those with sudden wealth, we provide great value to our clients and tremendous knowledge and expertise in wealth planning, banking, investment strategy, life insurance strategy, legacy and estate planning, business contingency and continuity planning, and multi-generational wealth planning. Our goal is to provide a pure advisory relationship based on listening, educating, advising, implementing, and monitoring our clients’ wealth plans.

… in the attention and care that we provide to each client relationship we have.

By design, we work with limited clientele to ensure exceptional service - always. Our clients deserve a highly skilled, respectful, and qualified advisor, and frankly, someone they enjoy working with.  We perform the best for clients who trust our expertise and value an advisory relationship, recognizing their strengths and respecting ours.

… in the way we coordinate our clients’ professional product and service providers.

Unlike many industry firms, we do not market or sell financial products.  Therefore, we can work with our client’s existing advisors or we can help our clients to leverage the network of tax, legal, banking, investment, and/or insurance professional advisors that we have created.  Whether we are implementing a planning solution with our client’s existing advisor or helping our client interview a new advisor, we are here to ensure our client’s wealth plans are implemented properly and address cost and time efficiencies.

… in the way we make recommendations to our clients and help implement planning solutions.

Our clients and their professional advisors tell us that they appreciate our help in creating an easy to follow, customized action plan and leading the implementation of our clients’ wealth plans.  Often the best made plans fall to the wayside because “life” gets in the way.  We ensure that does not happen.  It is an honor to help our clients implement the plans and solutions that will best serve them and their families for years to come.

Wealth Planning